I offer a variety of props, settings and backgrounds to capture your child's special charm.
 I encourage you to bring special toys to create a more personalized memory. 
The time for your child's session is reserved exclusively for you. 

Studio Sessions

  • Individual Child .................$21.00
  • Two Children..................... $24.00
  • Three to Four Children  ... $46.00
  • Five to Seven Children  ... $71.00
    The session fee is a separate charge for the Photographer's time and expertise,
    and is non-refundable. 

Photo print packages:

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Newborn Special

36 pictures

  • 1-10x13
  • 1-8x10
  • 2-5x7
  • 16-wallets
All for $27.99
no session fee

One portrait package per family, per session. Addition fee for multiple subjects.
Choose one pose for all pictures



Beautiful portrait designs and products created by our artist of your child's early years.

First Year Panel

Your baby will change more during the first year than at any other time.
Our framed First Year Panel featuring portraits of your baby at three, six, nine and twelve months,
will grow more precious year after year.

4 Portrait Sessions (3, 6, 9 and 12 months), and 19x11 Panel with one pose of your choice
from each session.. $218.50

Child's Keepsake Album

Select ten poses to be preserved in our special Child's Keepsake Album. A cherished keepsake
of your precious child.

Ten 5x7 Images in an 8x8 Child's Keepsake Album ... $265.50.

Price does not include retouching.  If needed, add $24.95 for retouch of four poses

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