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Restoration and Copy


I will Preserve That Old Photograph of Your Loved One!! Whether it's a photo of your grandparents' wedding or a picture of your great-grandfather as a child, chances are, it is in poor condition ... cracked, faded.. I will bring your treasured photographs back to life with professional Restoration Services.   Your original photograph will be handled with care ...I will copy it, restore the copy ... and return the original to you untouched.


Your original photograph may be in good condition, but it's the only one you have. I will make a copy of your treasure, so you can share it with other family members. A 5x7 Copy Print is just $12.95.;Quantity discount applies for five or more of the same image. Other sizes are available. Since some photographs may require more work than others, I offer various levels of Restoration Services.




Restoration invoice/check list

Enlargement Copy invoice/check list

Light Clean-Up:

Minimal damage to original ... minor scratches or stains with no damage to face.

Minor Restoration:

Stains, mildew spots and more obvious cracks and scratches with no damage to face; some fading,
but no missing parts that include detail of photograph.

Major Restoration:

Major cracks, scratches and tears ... often a small part of the image is missing; badly faded or darkened;
some damage to faces.

Excessive Restoration:

Excessive scratches, tears and cracks ... parts of image missing.  Heavy stains and mildew;
extensive damage to face; emulsion flaking away from surface of photograph.


Do to the complexity of restoring a picture, it is best you bring it to my studio that way I can give you an accurate estimate for repair.



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